For a Thrilling Night: Enjoy Nightlife in the Bars Near Fenway Park – Boston

Tourists and visitors looking forward to spend a thrilling night in Boston can opt to visit the numerous bars that are clustered in the Fenway Park area. Other than just a drink, these bars offer various entertaining acts and performances that will keep your spirits high all the night long.

Bell-in-hand Tavern: Revelers at the Bell-in-hand can opt for either branded drinks or locally made ones. Dig into a traditional New England meal while you enjoy live music performed by the bands from Boston. You can request them to play your favorite number. On Tuesday nights, you will get a chance to sing at the karaoke. With sophisticated lighting, decor, stage and dance floor, the Bell-in-hand Tavern sure knows how to keep the guests entertained.

Cactus Club: Considered to be the only place in Boston where the best margaritas are served, the Cactus Club is popular among the party hoppers especially the teens. Along with various drinks and margaritas, the Cactus Club offers various appetizers, salads and desserts. The various events that are organized here are the top draws. These include making your own margarita, a five-minute free massage on the purchase of a Souza drink and other events on Christmas days, New Year eves and on Valentine days.

The Lansdowne Pub: The Lansdowne Pub is an Irish pub. Revelers at the Lansdowne Pub can enjoy a pint of chilled beer and dig into traditional Irish fares that boast of Irish bacon along with crispy potatoes, cheese cakes and oysters. Music lovers can enjoy the performances of the live bands like the Hit Squad, Guzzle or the Crunchy Monkey Band and can even sing at the karaoke. Drinks and live music sets the perfect tone for a wonderful night at this Fenway Park bar.

Tools and Tips For Bartending – Essential Bar Tending Tools

If you are to take up the art of bar tending you need to have the right tools.

These tools are essential to the profession. They are what allows you to mix, stir, shake and store your drinks. Without the right tools to practice at home bar tending will be harder to learn. Here is a list of tools you must have to be good at this profession or maybe just a hubby. These can easily be found in any bar supply store or a liquor store.

Essential Bar-tending tools

Wine Opener, not just any wine opener, you should Invest in the waiter’s wine opener. Why? Well, because apart from the long cork screw, it has a sharp blade edge and bottle opener.

Get a Cocktail Shaker – there are two types of shakers, the Boston shaker and the standard shaker and any of the two will be perfect for bar tending. The Boston shaker has a more professional touch but if you choose to use the standard shaker you will be just fine. You can always get the Boston shaker when you can afford to lay your hands on it.

You will need a Strainer – the most widely used strainer in bars is called the hawthorn strainer. It can be easily used on the top of a shaker or bar glass to strain any cocktail.

Some Other Tools you will need includes but not limited to the following:

Bar Spoon: Long spoon that used to Stir mixed drinks.

A High speed Blender: This is used to crush ice or blend different variety of drinks into one cocktail.

Ice Bucket: Obviously, Used to hold ice.

Ice Scoops: used to scoop ice as you must never use your hands to transfer ice.

Measuring Glass: the measuring glass that you get, must be able measure up to 2 oz and down to 1/2 oz.

Smart Serving Tips

  • Always have punch available for light drinkers.
  • Hirer a professional bartender
  • Use only clean and fresh ice
  • Use only fresh Fruits
  • Chill your glasses before you use them to serve and put them out five minutes before you use them.
  • Make sure you use a shot glass for shots nothing more nothing less.
  • Use lower proof alcohol in mixtures and cocktails.
  • Use tools to serve ice like tongs. Do not use your hands.
  • Be sure to have non-alcoholic drinks available like tea and coffee.
  • Serve hot drinks in a container which has a handle.
  • Rubbing wax paper over bottle tops with no pourer will prevent dripping
  • Close the bar an hour before the party ends

When Buying drinks be sure to purchase drinks that are popular. Though they are popular, you will find that many of these drinks may not be expensive. Due to the fact that they are well known, individuals will be asking for them and you had better be able to please the crowd. It would be rather unfortunate to have a well stock bar filled with unknown drinks.

Enjoy a Memorable Holiday in the Lively City of Boston

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts. It is one of the oldest and most popular places in the United States. As the largest city in New England, it has been termed as the unofficial “capital of New England”. It is best known for its libraries, cultural manifestations, universities and colonial architecture.

The city is usually crowded by tourists all year round. So any time can be appropriate to visit, depending on what you are looking for. Fall is generally a good time to go on account of pleasant weather and special events. However, prices are higher at this time and availability of hotels and restaurants is difficult. While winter is a bit bitter, you might want to experience the indoor activities such as theater, food and wine festivals that it has to offer. You are also likely to obtain cheap tickets to Boston in this season. Summer is the hottest time of the year, so think twice before visiting during this season.

Logan International Airport, situated in the East Boston neighborhood, handles most of the flights to Boston. Aer Lingus is one of the flights offering huge airline discounts. Delta Airlines, KLM and Air Canada also operate cheap flights to Boston. If you are planning a visit in May, June, September and October you should book your tickets well in advance to get cheap airline tickets.

Culture of this amazing city has its roots in New England. There are a number of ornate theaters, like Boston Opera House. Thanks to a thriving underground music scene, the city has a variety of music. From bands like Boston and Aerosmith to countless local musicians, the world-renowned Boston Symphony Orchestra, indie rock and hip hop, there are tons of things for music lovers. Many of the world famous music schools are located in Boston. This city also gave birth to the hardcore rock genre of music.

The city has a lively and colorful African American Culture. The three cities Mattapan, Roxbury and Dorchester, which have Blue Hill Avenue running through them, comprise a giant community of African American people. Along with Caribbean, Chinese and soul food restaurants, the Avenue has many hair and nail salons.

There are many significant festivals and events in Boston. Annual events like St. Patrick’s Day and Boston Marathon are famous the world over. It is also one of the first cities to host the annual First Night Festival, a major arts and activity festival. The Boston LBGT Pride parade and festival, witnesses around 400000 participants each June.

Museums are another attraction in Boston. They are plentiful and cater to most interests. The famed Museum of Fine Arts has a prestigious collection, which people come to see from all over the world. Boston Children’ Museum and The MIT Museum are other places you should visit.

The city’s cuisine is inherited from New England as well. It gives a lot of importance to seafood and dairy products. The New England clam chowder is one of the best dishes of the city. There are also a variety of Asian and Italian restaurants. All in all, the city is a foodie’s paradise.

City’s nightlife is renowned around the world. It has plenty of bars and nightclubs to choose from. Most clubs even have souvenir shops for tourists. There are many dive bars and brewery tours available as well.