Wireless Sound Systems – Boston Acoustics TVee Powered Soundbar Speaker System

Although anybody can learn to appreciate the joy of a high-end home theater system, not all of us are willing to fork out the amount of cash to purchase one. Also, there are many of us who are not willing to ruin the aesthetics of our room by installing a bulky 7 piece sound system in our living room. Boston Acoustics has come up with a system that creates a beautiful balance between form and function. Here is a quick review of the Boston Acoustics TVee Powered soundbar wireless speaker system.

This model consists of one stereo sound bar and a wireless sub-woofer. Simplicity is the spirit behind this sound system. From its design to its functions, everything from setting up to using this system is simple. Besides the power cable, you would only need to connect one single cable from the speaker to the TV and you are done!

The wireless sub-woofer can be placed anywhere around the room. All it needs is a power socket nearby. As subwoofers are bulky and often unsightly, it is very helpful that you can neatly tuck it away in a corner. Unlike many sub-woofer designs, the sub-woofer that comes with the Boston Acoustics TVee Powered soundbar wireless speaker system boasts a sleek and unconventional design. It resembles more of a tiny stool rather than a speaker. Cute!

The main sound bar is powered by 100 watts of energy, which is more than enough to complement the in-built speakers of your TV. The audio produce from the speakers are pretty good, perfect for a small or medium sized room. Another cool feature is its remote system. The sound bar automatically learns to adjust to the signals of your TV’s remote. The volume of the speakers increases and decreases according to your TV’s volume control.